Why Extraordinary Vehicles Need Extraordinary Insurance Coverage

Limited Edition…Rare…One-of-a-kind…Exotic…Collector…High Performance.  When it comes to vehicles, these descriptions evoke very cerebral images to a serious car enthusiast. It’s not just the sleekness of the design, the high-end characteristics and the over just plain cool factor.  To a passionate automobile aficionado, it’s everything the car beholds, the history, the mechanics, statistics, it’s standouts, it’s withdrawals, the chemistry, what it meant when it first made its debut and what it means now.  And just as an owner of one or more of these gems would only take it to a mechanic expertly trained to maintain these types of vehicles, the same should be done with the insurance that covers them; a policy design by experts specific to these types of vehicles.

At JRIA, we work with the best markets available to meet these unique and precise needs.  Expert underwriters dedicated making sure the vehicles are correctly valued with exclusive coverage’s not offered by companies that do not specialize in these types of risks.  Equal car enthusiasts who just also happen to be underwriters for companies that also love these types of cars.  These types of vehicles deserve the white glove treatment by the experts that work with them every day.

For more information and a thorough review of these excellent coverage’s please contact JRIA via phone (770) 213-3230 or email at info@agentroberts.com