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Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

If you have liability coverage in your auto, boat, or home insurance, you might think you are adequately covered. However, you will find your conventional liability coverage isn’t sufficient when faced with significant liability claims. For this reason, Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency recommends umbrella insurance to boost your standard liability coverage. But since this coverage isn’t well-understood by many, we will delve a little bit into it to shed more light on this policy.

What is umbrella insurance?

This liability coverage takes over when the limit of the underlying coverage has been exhausted. For example, suppose you are legally responsible for a significant car accident resulting in injuries and damage to others. In that case, umbrella insurance will step in after the liability coverage in your car insurance runs out.

What’s covered by umbrella insurance?

It’s worth noting that umbrella insurance is liability coverage, meaning it covers third parties but not you and your assets. Using the example of the car accident, umbrella insurance covers the medical costs and property damage for losses suffered by others. However, regarding your injuries and damage to your car, that will be the responsibility of your car insurance.

Who needs umbrella insurance?

One of the common myths you will hear being peddled around is that umbrella insurance is for the rich and famous only. This statement isn’t entirely true. While umbrella insurance protects individuals with high-value assets, it’s ideal for anyone with assets to protect. Yes, you might not be near the million-dollar mark, but you have assets to safeguard should you be sued.

Besides, if you are at a high risk of being sued, you had better buy umbrella insurance ASAP. So, if you belong in any of the categories below, please contact one of our agents for umbrella insurance.

  • You own a business
  • You chair a charitable organization
  • Own a dangerous pet, such as a dog
  • Have a home, boat, or vehicle
  • Participate in high-risk activities, like archery

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