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Motor Home Insurance in Georgia

Motorhome Insurance for Georgians

Your motorhome gives you the freedom to explore our beautiful state. Whether you want to enjoy short weekend trips in Georgia, longer getaways to nearby states, or a cross-country adventure, have the insurance necessary to protect this vital asset. Agents at the Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Canton, GA offer policies that meet various needs.

Your Motorhome is Not Just a Recreational Vehicle

People mistakenly believe that motorhomes and RVs always describe identical types of vehicles. While some overlap does exist, you should select a policy based upon the type of motorhome you have acquired, how much money you have invested in this vehicle, its intended use, and the amount of loans you received from a bank or other lender.

Traditional 'auto' policies may not cover liability, damage, roadside assistance, or other coverage you may require.

Carefully consider your options and talk with an agent at the Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency about your motorhome's present and planned use. Be sure to consider these crucial questions:

  • Do you plan to use the motorhome frequently or just occasionally?
  • If the motorhome remains at a location for a significant period, will you sometimes use it as a vacation residence?
  • While on the road, do you plan to have extended stays at campgrounds or mostly day trips and shorter journeys?
  • If located in a fixed spot for a long period, do you intend to attach awnings, antennas, or other features?
  • Will you occupy the motorhome, so it becomes more of a permanent residence?
  • Do you plan to visit areas with increased dangers of flooding or bad weather, such as tornadoes?

Meeting Your Coverage Needs in Georgia

Our Canton, GA professionals will find the best coverage for your motorhome. Contact our insurance agency today if you plan to remain in Georgia or take distant trips.

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