High Value Home Insurance

JRIA High Value Home Insurance

A high value home (typically considered such at $500,000 and above) has different needs than a more modest abode.  Thorough and methodical underwriting needs to be completed by underwriters that ONLY underwrite High Value Homes.  This is essential to secure the appropriate coverage’s are in place.

At JRIA we make sure that any HVH risk is thoroughly examined and that the unique needs are met.  What does this mean exactly?  It means we understand that market value and cost per square foot in a specific area is not always accurate in defining appropriate coverage.  And receiving a true assessment by a qualified HVH underwriter provides the insured with in depth details about all aspects of their home.

The markets JRIA is appointed with does not simply underwrite sight unseen, a post issuance interior inspection is conducted to assure the insured and the insurance company that the appropriate coverage is determined so the insured can rest easy all of their needs will be met should a tragedy strike.  And this does not necessarily mean that if changes are made on the policy to present total accuracy the insured will see a rate increase.  Due to all of the details reviewed, the inspection may determine additional savings and discounts.


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