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Condo Insurance in Georgia

Condos provide an easy way to live. However, choosing the right condo insurance can be confusing. We help you choose reliable condo insurance coverage at Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Canton, GA. We want to ensure you receive the right policy for your needs.

Condo Insurance Requirements

In the state of Georgia, condo insurance is not legally required. However, if you rent a condo, your property manager may require you to obtain insurance. Additionally, if you own your condo, your lender may even require condo insurance if you make monthly mortgage payments.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Condo insurance normally consists of a lot of standard coverage to help keep you protected as well as your belongings. Here are a few different coverages you can choose from:

  • Personal Liability- If someone is injured while on your property, while visiting your condo, and you are at fault, this may help cover your legal expenses in addition to your guest’s medical expenses.
  • Guest medical coverage- If a guest becomes injured while visiting your home, this will cover your guest’s medical expenses even if the accident is not your fault.
  • Building property protection- This type of coverage will help cover your repair expenses from the walls of your condo to the interior of your condo. This may include items including bookcases that are built-in and any fixtures you have.
  • Personal property coverage- Your personal items, including appliances, furniture, clothing, and electronics, are generally included under this coverage if they become damaged or stolen. This will help cover your repair or replacement expenses for these items.


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