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Why You Need Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a type of insurance that many people don’t think much about. Of course, if they were to go through a flood, they would think about it a lot. That’s why it’s so important to have a flood insurance policy. In the Southeast US, floods happen quite often. If you’re in Georgia and you don’t have flood insurance, call us at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency to find out more.

Flooding and Flood Zones

There are many areas of the country, especially in the Southeast US, that are designated as flood zones. There are different types of flood zones, depending on how often the area tends to have flooding. Some are 20-year flood zones, some are 50-year flood zones, etc. However, not all flooding happens inside these zones. Among all flood claims, about 20% originate from outside any flood zone. That makes it important for everyone to have flood insurance. Flooding can happen in unlikely places, and this happens all the time. 

The National Flood Insurance Program

In the U.S., flood insurance is backed by the government through the National Flood Insurance Program. This program guarantees funds for flood damages. This program also sets the price of flood insurance. No matter where you go to look for a flood policy, it will always be the same price. That makes it easy to get this type of insurance without having to shop around for the best price. And because it has government backing, it’s a solid insurance product that is important to have for anyone who owns a home. 

Flooding Risk

No matter what your flooding risk is in Georgia, flooding can occur. Be ready by having your own flood policy. Call us at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency to get started with a flood policy of your own. 

What does condo insurance actually cover?

When you are ready to insure your condo, Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Georgia, serving Southeast US residents, is here for you. We are an independent insurance agency, which means we work for you, and we will make sure that you get the right coverage for your particular condo. 

Condo Insurance Basics

Building coverage

Building coverage for a condo is slightly different from a freestanding home. The condo association has a master policy that covers the parts of the building that it owns. That includes the roof and exterior of the building as well as things like a porch or a deck and any common areas. How far into your unit it covers and what exactly it covers is important to know before you get your own condo insurance. 

Content coverage

Content coverage covers the things that you bring into the unit. This is your clothing, furniture, decor, electronics, and everything you use to cook and store things. You have two options for the type of content coverage you have; current value and replacement cost. The current value is what it’s worth with depreciation and replacement cost is what it would cost to buy that item today. 

Liability coverage

The condo association covers the common areas and parking lot, but you are responsible for any injuries inside your unit or injury caused by a member of your family. 

Loss of use coverage

What would you do, and where would you go if your condo was damaged so badly that it is not habitable?  How would you pay for it? If you have condo insurance, you will be able to go to a hotel for a short stay and, for a longer one, a rental. 

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Contact Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Georgia when you want to discuss your condo insurance needs. We happily serve the community in Southeast US.

Winter Driving Tips And How They Affect You

Winter driving doesn’t happen very often in the Southeast U.S. We tend to have hot or warm weather all year round, so when it does happen, many people are caught unawares. Our insurance experts at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency take pride in serving Georgia and the whole Southeast U.S.

These driving tips can help keep you on the road and safe during the winter months:

Accelerate Slowly, Drive Slower

In cold and icy conditions, your tires have less grip on the pavement than in normal conditions. If you get too far out ahead of your car, you might spin out, or crash into another vehicle because you can’t stop. Know how your car performs in the cold!

Use Winter Tires, If You Can

Modern all-weather tires are a huge improvement over their ancestors even twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, “all-weather” tires were bad in all weather, but modern all-weathers give excellent grip in cold weather.

Winter tire rubber remains flexible under a wider range of weather conditions than all-weather rubber, making them easier to control and less likely to slide or blow out. If you have the budget for it, a set of winter tires can make a huge difference in the safety and controllability of your car in the winter.

If An Accident Happens, Stay In Your Car!

A car accident in near-freezing or freezing conditions can be scary but whatever you do, unless you yourself can fix your car, stay in it. Your car can protect you from cold wind and cold weather, keeping frostbite and hypothermia away. It will also protect you from other cars on the road.

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Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency, serving Georgia and the Southeast region, can help you with your winter driving questions. Call or come in today for winter driving information and a no-obligation insurance quote.

Reasons why your home business needs commercial insurance

When you own a business in Georgia or anywhere in the Southeast U.S., you can count on the Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency to be your independent insurance agent. Home businesses are more popular than ever and most new businesses opening are located in the home. Not having to rent a business location is a big saving, but trying to save by relying on your home insurance could be a huge mistake. 

Home property coverage is inadequate

Your home insurance has property insurance and content coverage, neither of which is designed to protect your business. Your home insurance might cover a desk and file cabinets and maybe even a laptop, but the things that you need to do business won’t be covered. If your home is a total loss, you will lose all your business property as well, with no way to rebuild your business. Business property insurance is designed to protect your inventory, tools, and a whole lot more. 

Personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use of your vehicle

Using your personal auto for business is a way to save money, but you are not covered when you are using it for business. This leaves you very vulnerable. You need to have commercial auto insurance for your vehicle and then you will be protected no matter what you are using the vehicle for. 

Liability coverage won’t cover business visitors

If you are doing business in your home and you have customers, vendors, or others visiting you in your home, if they are injured your home liability insurance won’t protect you. It is only for your personal visitors, not business visitors. This could put you in a very precarious position if anyone gets hurt while visiting you. Why take a chance? 

Contact Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency, serving Georgia and Southeast U.S., for information about home businesses and commercial insurance. 

Tips for having a safe home

Home is your safe place. Making sure that your safe place is really safe is essential to your security and safety. Safety means different things to different people and, whether it is from threats outside or inside your home, all of them can be addressed with a few simple steps. In Georgia and the Southeast US, you can turn to the Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency to provide home insurance that will protect your home from many perils that threaten it. 

Tips for having a safe home

Remove clutter

Falls in the home pose a real danger. According to the CDC, one in five falls in the home results in a serious injury like a broken bone or a head injury. One in four people over 65 years of age will have a serious fall every year. Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury. Pretty scary stuff and having clutter in your home greatly increases the risk of falls. Never keep anything on your stairs and make sure that you have good lighting so that you can see what might trip you up. 

Change your smoke detector batteries

Every six months you should change the batteries in your smoke detector and you should make sure that you check them monthly to make sure they are working. The warning provided by a smoke detector can save your life. If you have a furnace, a carbon monoxide detector can also save lives. 

Secure medication and poison chemicals

Children are inquisitive and they are also very resourceful. Make sure any medication and poisonous chemicals are located in a place where they can not reach them. Kids climb, so having cabinet locks is also a great idea to keep your children and grandchildren safe. 

Get Coverage For Your Home

Contact Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency, serving Georgia and the Southeast US, to provide the home safety information you need. 

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