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Why Every Boater Should Have Boat Insurance

If you’re a boat owner, there are a lot of things that you need to do for your boat. One of them is to get and keep boat insurance. Boat insurance is necessary for many risks that you face as the owner of a boat. Many things can happen both on the water and off that can cause serious financial problems for you if you don’t have boat insurance. While this type of policy isn’t required in Georgia, it’s highly recommended that all boaters have it. To get your boat policy in the Southeast U.S., call us at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Georgia. 

Accidents on the Water

One of the main things that you may worry about on the water is getting into a boating accident. These are common accidents that can cause a lot of damage to the boats and cause injuries to their passengers. When you have boat insurance, it’s important to have at least some liability coverage. This covers someone else’s medical bills and other costs after you have been at fault for a boating accident. Without this insurance, you’d have to pay the medical bills on your own, and they can be sky-high. Bodily injury liability pays for the people in the other boat’s injuries, and property damage liability pays for the damage done to their boat. 

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Like auto insurance, you can also get collision and comprehensive insurance for your boat. Collision pays for your own boat’s repair bills after an accident. Comprehensive coverage pays for things that happen to your boat out of the water. Boats face a lot of risks, so it’s best to always be covered against them. 

Cover Your Boat

If you’re in the Southeast U.S. and own a boat, you need to call us at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Georgia to get boat insurance. 

Three Things To Do When You Need Boat Insurance

If you want to be financially secure as a boat owner, you should get a boat insurance policy. Boat owners in the Southeast U.S. can get boat insurance from Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency.

When you need to purchase a boat insurance policy in Georgia or the Southeast U.S., there are a few things you must remember.

The following are three things to do when you need boat insurance:

Determine which navigational areas you want to be insured for.

One of the most important things boat owners should understand about boat insurance is that policies typically limit coverage to a specific navigational area. When you buy boat insurance, you must tell your insurance company where you intend to use your boat and where you need coverage.

Learn about the different types of boat insurance.

A boat insurance policy can provide a variety of coverage options. There is coverage for liability, physical damage, uninsured/underinsured boater, hull, and fuel spill liability.

When purchasing boat insurance, you must first understand the various types of coverage available and then decide which ones you want.

Get quotes on boat insurance policies.

When it comes to choosing a policy, it’s always a good idea to get quotes from several boat insurance providers. This allows you to compare prices and find a policy with competitive rates.

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