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Winter Driving Tips And How They Affect You

Winter driving doesn’t happen very often in the Southeast U.S. We tend to have hot or warm weather all year round, so when it does happen, many people are caught unawares. Our insurance experts at Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency take pride in serving Georgia and the whole Southeast U.S.

These driving tips can help keep you on the road and safe during the winter months:

Accelerate Slowly, Drive Slower

In cold and icy conditions, your tires have less grip on the pavement than in normal conditions. If you get too far out ahead of your car, you might spin out, or crash into another vehicle because you can’t stop. Know how your car performs in the cold!

Use Winter Tires, If You Can

Modern all-weather tires are a huge improvement over their ancestors even twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, “all-weather” tires were bad in all weather, but modern all-weathers give excellent grip in cold weather.

Winter tire rubber remains flexible under a wider range of weather conditions than all-weather rubber, making them easier to control and less likely to slide or blow out. If you have the budget for it, a set of winter tires can make a huge difference in the safety and controllability of your car in the winter.

If An Accident Happens, Stay In Your Car!

A car accident in near-freezing or freezing conditions can be scary but whatever you do, unless you yourself can fix your car, stay in it. Your car can protect you from cold wind and cold weather, keeping frostbite and hypothermia away. It will also protect you from other cars on the road.

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