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What type of insurance coverage do we need to travel full-time in our RV?

When traveling the Southeast U.S. full-time in your RV, ensuring you are properly protected both in and out of Georgia is important. Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency recommends considering several types of insurance coverage when living and traveling in an RV.

RV Insurance Coverage Options

The first type is Liability Insurance – this helps protect you against any property damage or personal injury claims related to using your vehicle. In addition, consider Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which helps cover costs incurred by you due to accidents with other drivers without insurance.

Another type of coverage to consider is Comprehensive Insurance – this covers damage to your RV caused by fire, theft, or vandalism. If you are traveling full-time in the Southeast region of the United States, be sure to check that your policy covers Georgia specifically.

Collision Insurance helps cover any damage caused to your RV in an accident with another vehicle or object. This type of insurance is important if you plan on taking your RV across state lines.

It is also important to consider additional coverage such as roadside assistance, vacation liability, and personal effects coverage for items inside the RV when selecting an appropriate insurance policy for a full-time RV lifestyle. 

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When traveling full-time in your RV, it is essential to ensure you have the right amount of coverage – so take the time to research and speak with one of our experienced insurance agents about what policies are best suited for your situation. Proper protection lets you enjoy peace of mind and a worry-free journey throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond! Contact Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency in Georgia if you have more questions. We are here to help.

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