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Reasons why your home business needs commercial insurance

When you own a business in Georgia or anywhere in the Southeast U.S., you can count on the Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency to be your independent insurance agent. Home businesses are more popular than ever and most new businesses opening are located in the home. Not having to rent a business location is a big saving, but trying to save by relying on your home insurance could be a huge mistake. 

Home property coverage is inadequate

Your home insurance has property insurance and content coverage, neither of which is designed to protect your business. Your home insurance might cover a desk and file cabinets and maybe even a laptop, but the things that you need to do business won’t be covered. If your home is a total loss, you will lose all your business property as well, with no way to rebuild your business. Business property insurance is designed to protect your inventory, tools, and a whole lot more. 

Personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business use of your vehicle

Using your personal auto for business is a way to save money, but you are not covered when you are using it for business. This leaves you very vulnerable. You need to have commercial auto insurance for your vehicle and then you will be protected no matter what you are using the vehicle for. 

Liability coverage won’t cover business visitors

If you are doing business in your home and you have customers, vendors, or others visiting you in your home, if they are injured your home liability insurance won’t protect you. It is only for your personal visitors, not business visitors. This could put you in a very precarious position if anyone gets hurt while visiting you. Why take a chance? 

Contact Johnathan Roberts Insurance Agency, serving Georgia and Southeast U.S., for information about home businesses and commercial insurance. 

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