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Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency

Based in Canton, GA

About Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency

JRIA is an independent family owned and operated personal and commercial property and casualty insurance agency. We are a Trusted Choice agency that also maintains an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Our primary goal is to provide excellent coverage, excellent service and create a lasting relationship with our clients. Through many fits and stops, both personally and professionally, the agency eventually found it’s stride and has developed a very efficient and professional platform that applies expertise, attention to detail, education, and a very transparent approach to providing all manners of personal and commercial insurance services. Jonathan Roberts had the unique experience of starting his insurance career off with a captive company where he spent eighteen months in the regional office learning how to effectively build an insurance agency. This also gave him access to get to know product managers, auditors, claims adjusters and executives which provided him with an inimitable experience which helped him to understand so many facets of this structured world that is insurance. In 2005 Jonathan Roberts Insurance Agency was officially launched. Jonathan, although greatly appreciative of the opportunity to get into this field, realized the independent insurance agency platform was a better fit for what he looked to achieve, as his interest in commercial insurance, unique risks and classic and high value vehicles were much easier to accommodate through the independent platform. In 2008, under the same name, JRIA transformed into an independent insurance agency. Monica Roberts, Jonathan’s wife, stepped on board in 2015 as the Chief Operations Officer and both have served in executive positions from that point forward. In 2022, JRIA underwent some internal changes to better serve its clientele with a more sophisticated Agency Management System, additional markets and additional resources to better serve new and existing insureds.

Jonathan Roberts was born in Kentucky but moved to Georgia when he was six years old and has lived in Georgia ever since, growing up in East Cobb and has also lived in Athens, Woodstock and now Canton, an area that he used to come out to when it was mostly woods, now a beautiful place to raise a family. Jonathan has stated, “Canton seems to reserve the nuances of a southern small town with all the conveniences of the city without the city hassle. I have always loved living in Georgia, it has always been good to me.” Jonathan met his wife, Monica, in 2005 and they have been married since 2007. Jonathan relies on his faith and Christian beliefs to guide him and feel blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful wife and beautiful daughters. Jonathan also loves owning an insurance agency and is equally grateful for the gifts bestowed upon him as a business owner. He knows that insurance is not the most exhilarating subject people like to discuss, however, he also does appreciate the design and mechanics of insurance as real solution to protect and make whole again those that must apply this instrument under sometimes very difficult circumstances. Above all, Jonathan is so appreciative of those that put their trust in him to serve them in this capacity and maintains the belief that honesty, integrity and always giving it your best effort are true hallmarks to serving one another and providing sound and quality results. Jonathan is also a very passionate musician, who plays multiple instruments, loves composing music and is currently learning the ropes on how to record and produce music. He also likes painting.





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